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SM164BSystem video matrix PAL/NTSC


The SM164B matrix is a microprocessor remote-controlled video matrix which allows the video switching of 16 cameras on 4 outputs.

A OSD programmable password ensures protection from improper use of the matrix.


Telemetry over the coax on the 16 video inputs and on auxiliary serial output (RS485)

Controllable by PC (RS232)

16 alarm inputs, one output contact, trigger VCR and alarm reset

4 RS485 serial inputs for max 4 remote keyboards

Privacy video masking function


  • Max 16 cameras
  • Max 4 monitors
  • Max 4 remote keyboards
  • On screen display video programming
  • Menu in 4 languages (Italian, English, French and German)
  • Different switching sequences for each video output
  • Identification texts for each output
  • Date and time management
  • Types of alarm reset: manual from keyboard, external, timed automatically
  • Completely configurable alarm inputs for all 16 video inputs
  • VCR trigger management
  • Alarm condition warning buzzer
  • Relay can be activated by each alarm
  • Telemetry control on RS485 auxiliary line and on coaxial cable
  • Video signal masking on fixed camera for privacy purposes
  • Input 75 Ohm load disconnectable
  • Equipped with wide range power supply, 3 power cables, 2 RJ11 telephone cables, 2 junction boxes RJ11 jack, DB25 connector
  • Steel enclosure
  • Epoxypolyester powder painting, RAL7036 colour
  • Dimensions:   Rack 19”,   1U,   436.6x163x445mm (17.2x6.4x17.5in)
  • 1XDB25 connector (alarm)
  • 5 connectors RJ11 (4 for keyboards and 1 for telemetry line)
  • 1xpower supply jack connector
  • 1xDB9 female connector (PC)
  • 16 inputs BNC video
  • 4 BNC video outputs
  • Unit weight:   3.5kg (7.7lb)
  • Power supply:   IN 100-240Vac - OUT 12Vdc, 47/63Hz, 1A
  • Consumption:   15W max
  • 16 inputs 75 Ohm 1Vpp (PAL/NTSC)
  • 4 outputs 75 Ohm 1Vpp (PAL/NTSC);
  • Bandwidth:   > 6MHz
  • Lower cut-off frequency: (-3dB):   9Hz
  • Signal/Noise ratio:   > 48dB@5.5MHz
  • Relay contact:   50Vac, 0.3A
  • Telemetry transmission on coax cable on the 16 video inputs (min distance 5m (16.4ft) and max 350m (1148ft)
  • Telemetry data transmission on serial output RS485 for a max distance of 1200m (3937ft)
  • 4 serial inputs RS485 for the reception of data from max 4 remote keyboards from a max distance of 1200m (3937ft)
  • Serial input RS232 for firmware update and PC control from a max distance of 15m (49ft)
  • Telemetry Line
  • PELCO D (2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 baudrate)
  • VIDEOTEC (1200, 9600 baudrate)
  • VIDEOTEC MACRO (1200, 9600, 19200, 38400 baudrate)
  • PELCO is registered trademark.
  • Electrical safety   (CE):   EN60950-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility   (CE):   EN50130-4,   EN55022   (Class B),   EN61000-6-3,   FCC Part 15   (Class B)
  • EAC certification
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