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NXPTHStainless steel P&T motor



Electropolished stainless steel Pan & Tilt unit designed for movement on horizontal and vertical axis.

Together with the stainless steel housings, The NXPTH is built to resist the most severe environments. It is developed for the offshore market, for every type of sea-going vessel and all industrial applications.

Each detail has been carefully analysed, resulting a reliable product suitable for highly corrosive environments. The accurate mechanical construction and reliable motors utilized reduce the need of mainteinance even in situations of heavy mechanical stress.

The NXPTH allows a maximum horizontal/vertical rotation of 340° and is equipped with potentiometers which allow use of the preset function.


Max. load 40kg (88lb) balanced

Horizontal fixed speed 5°/s, vertical fixed speed 3°/s

Versions 24Vac and 230Vac, 50/60Hz

Suitable for NXM36, NXM, NXL, NTM, and NTL housings


  • Housing manufactured in polished stainless steel (austenitic stainless alloy steel resistant to corrosion and heat):
  • AISI 316L
  • UNI 6900-71: X 2 Cr Ni Mo 17 12 2
  • DIN 17006: X 2 Cr Ni Mo 17 13 2
  • N° werkstoff: 1.4404
  • AFNOR: Z2 CND 17-12
  • BSI: 316S11
  • The screws utilised are in austenitic alloy stainless steel, corrosion and heat resistant according to the following standards:
  • ISO: 7380
  • AISI: 316
  • ISO quality: A4
  • Resistance class ISO: from 50 to 70
  • Load rating: 40kg (88lb) max (balanced)
  • 2Cable glands: 2xPG13.5 (nickel-plated brass for external connections)
  • External body polishing
  • Gaskets: O-ring
  • Horizontal rotation: 0-340°
  • Horizontal speed: 5°/s
  • Pan dynamic torque:35nm
  • Pan Static Torque: 12nm
  • Horizontal limit switches, internally adjustable
  • Vertical plane movement: 0-340°
  • Tilt speed: 3°/s
  • Tilt Dynamic Torque: 60nm
  • Tilt Static Torque: 24nm
  • Backlash: Pan 0.1°, Tilt 0.16°
  • Vertical limit switches, internally adjustable
  • Unit weight: 15kg (33.5lb)
  • Power supply: IN 24/230Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Standard Preset
  • Standard vertical and horizontal potentiometers
  • Potentiometer linear multiturns (10 turns)
  • Horizontal motor consumption 13W max
  • Vertical motor consumption 13W max
  • For indoors and outdoors installation
  • Operating temperature: From -20°C (-4°F) up to +50°C (122°F)
  • Salty fog resistance
  • Relative humidity: from 5% up to 95%
  • Electrical safety (CE): EN60065, EN62368-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (CE): EN50130-4, EN61000-6-3
  • IP protection degree: EN60529 (IP66)
  • EAC certification
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