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ULISSE COMPACTOutdoor PTZ camera for highest precision Day/Night monitoring

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ULISSE range



ULISSE COMPACT is a robust and efficient PTZ camera unit designed to ensure dynamic, non-stop surveillance of large outdoor areas and withstand harsh weather conditions, reducing maintenance to zero.

The integrated camera ensures superior image quality, even in poorly lit environments.

The compliance with ONVIF Profile S provides an open architecture for maximum integration with IP systems of industry major brands.


Analogue and IP, H.264/AVC and JPEG, 25fps, Full D1 (ONVIF-S)

Total control through Videotec's PTZ assistant (IP-based version)

Up to 2 simultaneous video streams (IP-based version)

Complete front flange with heated glass


LED illuminator

Operating temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) up to +60°C (140°F)


  • Easy installation thanks to the self-centring connector
  • Zero backlash
  • Quick configuration and setup
  • Dynamic positioning control system
  • Functions: Autopan, Preset, Patrol, Tour (maximum 3), Autoflip
  • Constructed from aluminium and tecnopolymer
  • Epoxypolyester powder painting, RAL9002 colour
  • Horizontal rotation: 360°, continuous rotation
  • Vertical rotation: from -90° up to +90°
  • Horizontal speed (variable): from 0.1°/s up to 200°/s
  • Tilt speed (variable): from 0.1°/s up to 200°/s
  • Accuracy of preset positions: 0.05°
  • Cable glands: 2xM16, 2xM12
  • Unit weight: 12.5kg (28lb) (13kg (28.7lb) with LED illuminator)
  • Supply voltage/Current consumption
  • 230Vac: 0.4A, 50/60Hz
  • 24Vac: 4A, 50/60Hz
  • 120Vac: 0.8A, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption
  • 40W: P&T static, heating switched off
  • 60W: P&T in motion, heating switched off
  • 125W: peak at start-up, heating switched on
  • Power consumption (illuminator on)
  • 55W: P&T static, heating switched off
  • 75W: P&T in motion, heating switched off
  • 140W: peak at start-up, heating switched on
  • Cables input section: from 0.75mm² (19AWG) up to 1.5mm² (16AWG)
  • Cables signal section: from 0.14mm² (30AWG) up to 1.5mm² (16AWG)
  • Only for the IP versions of the product:
  • Ethernet connection: 10BASE-T/100BASE-T
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Cable length: 100m max
Serial communications
  • Half-duplex serial RS-485 interface, full-duplex RS-422 and daisy-chain architecture
  • Firmware updating from console in remote mode (PELCO D, MACRO)
  • Up to 1023 units, addressable by means of dip-switches
  • Serial communication protocol: AMERICAN DYNAMICS, ERNITEC, PANASONIC, PELCO D, MACRO
  • Maximum number of presets for protocol
  • ERNITEC: 250
  • PANASONIC: 250
  • PELCO D: 99*
  • MACRO: 250
  • *250, from OSM only (On Screen Menu)
  • Video line: coaxial cable (1Vpp, 75 Ohm)
  • IP versions of the product:
  • Video encoder

  • Communication protocol: ONVIF, Profile S
  • Device configuration: TCP/IPv4-IPv6, UDP/IPv4-IPv6, HTTP, NTP, DHCP, WS-DISCOVERY, QoS, IGMP (Multicast)
  • Streaming: RTSP, RTCP, RTP/IPv4
  • Video compression: H.264/AVC, MJPEG
  • Independent video streams: 2
  • Image resolution: from Full D1 (720x576 for PAL, 720x480 for NTSC) to 352x240
  • Web Server
I/O interface
  • I/O alarm board*
  • Alarm inputs: 6
  • Relay outputs: 2 (2A, 30Vac/60Vdc max)
  • The I/O's can be used both in analog and IP version for the automatic performing of P&T actions, however they are not exported for other uses, and can only be activated through the OSM.

    LED illuminator

  • 10° or 30° horizontal beam for 36x camera
  • Wavelength: 850nm, 940nm, white light
  • Built-in sensor for self-lighting, through external photocell or from control keyboard
  • The camera and the light beam are factory aligned
  • The pre-installed illuminator does not slow down the P&T’s rotation speed
  • For indoors and outdoors installation
  • Operating temperature (with heater): from -40°C (-40°F) up to +60°C (140°F)
  • Wind resistance
  • Operational: up to 160km/h (99.4mph)
  • Stationary: Up to 210km/h (130.5mph)
  • Surge immunity: Up to 2kV (line to line),up to 4kV (line to earth, Class 4)
  • Relative humidity: from 10% up to 95% (no condensation)
  • Electrical safety (CE): EN60950-1, IEC60950-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (CE): EN61000-6-4, EN50130-4, EN55022 (Class A), FCC Part 15 (Class A)
  • Outdoor installation (CE): EN60950-22, IEC60950-22
  • Photobiological safety (CE): EN62471
  • IP protection degree: EN60529 (IP66)
  • UL certification: cULus Listed (TYPE 4X)
  • EAC certification
  • OUCHWR Complete front flange with heated glass for ULISSE COMPACT
  • UPTJBUL Junction weatherproof box for cables connexion (according UL norm)
  • WASPT0V5L5M00 Water tank 5l (1.3gal), pump with delivery up to 5m (16ft), IN 230Vac-24Vac-120Vac
  • WASPT0V23L5M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 5m (16ft), IN 230Vac-24Vac-120Vac
  • WASPT0V23L11M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 11m (36ft) with water floating, IN 230Vac-24Vac-120Vac
  • WASPT1V23L30M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 30m (98ft) with water floating, IN 230Vac
  • WASPT3V23L30M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 30m (98ft) with water floating, IN 120Vac
  • WASNX1V10L20M00 Tank 10l (2.6gal) with integrated manual pump controlled by solenoid valve, delivery head up to 20m (66ft) max, IN 230Vac
  • WASNX2V10L20M00 Tank 10l (2.6gal) with integrated manual pump controlled by solenoid valve, delivery head up to 20m (66ft) max, IN 24Vac
  • WASNX3V10L20M00 Tank 10l (2.6gal) with integrated manual pump controlled by solenoid valve, delivery head up to 20m (66ft) max, IN 120Vac
Brackets and adaptors
  • UPTWBA Wall bracket with internal cable channel
  • UPTWBTAB Parapet bracket with internal cable channel


Analogue cameras (Day/Night)

Day/Night 36x



Optical zoom


Wide Dynamic Range (ON, OFF, Auto)


True progressive SCAN


Digital image stabilization


White balance

Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor (Fix/Auto), Sodium Vapor Lamp (Fix/Auto), Manual

High horizontal resolution

Up to 550 TV Lines

Day/Night (Auto ICR)


Image Sensor

1/4" EXView HAD CCD

Number of effective Pixels

~ 440 000 pixel

~ 380 000 pixel

Min. Lighting Colour (IR-Cut Filter = OFF) (Interlace Mode)

1.4Lux / 1/50s_|n|_0.1 Lux / 1/3s

1.4Lux / 1/60s_|n|_0.1 Lux / 1/4s

Min. Lighting B/W (Interlace Mode)

0.01 Lux / 1/3s

0.01 Lux / 1/4s

“Shutter Time” automatic increase to improve the night surveillance


S/N ratio

More than 50dB

AE control

Automatic, Shutter priority, Diaphragm priority, Brightness priority and Manual

Back light compensation


Spherical masking (3D) of Privacy zones with automatic upgrade


Privacy Zone Masking

On/Off (24 positions)

Maximum number of masking blocks to be displayed


Resolution of masking blocks

160x120 HxV


Up to 15 different masking types: 14 colour types or mosaic

Focusing system

Auto (Sensitivity: Normal, Low), Trigger PTZ, Manual

“Smart” lens control

Automatic Lens Reset

High Zoom and Wide Horizontal Field of View Capability


Optical zoom

36x, f=3.4 (wide) to 122.4mm (tele) / F1.6 to F4.5

Digital Zoom

12x (432x with optical zoom)

Horizontal field of view

57.8 degrees (wide) to 1.7 degrees (tele)

Minimum object distance

10mm (0.4in) (wide) to 1500mm (59.1in) (tele)

Shutter speed

1/1 ÷ 1/10 000s