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Videotec is an innovative, continually evolving organisation where creativity and the desire for improvement are a constant. This is why we see Human Resources as one of the key elements of the company’s success.

Videotec’s Human Resources culture is based on the involvement and appreciation of those people who work for the company. In Videotec’s eyes, every single person is important and so top priority is freedom of expression, something that Videotec believes is key to creative and exceptional teamwork.

For us, innovation is everything and the foundations of this innovation are the individuality of each person that works at Videotec and the ideas that they subsequently bring into being.

Our selection process is meticulous and very particular, as you would expect from a company that bases its success on its careful attention to detail. Candidates are analysed not only from the point of view of professional excellence, both technical and academic, but also for their compatibility with Videotec’s philosophies and values, such as an international mind-set and multicultural experience.

Working at Videotec means working for one of the leading global high-tech companies; it means being a part of an innovative yet traditional group that has established itself in dozens of countries and that is devoted to the quality that it delivers in its field.

Join us and help us advance!