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Videotec has been a player in the professional video surveillance market since 1986, designing and building cameras and accessories for monitoring both civil and industrial external environments.

Videotec is active across five continents, distributing to over 100 countries from the production site in Italy, through a network of three branches, two overseas offices and numerous selected partners.

The company's success and growth are down to a number of key attributes, including human resources: the passionate, ambitious and creative employees are the driving force behind the company. The decision of company management to continually invest in R&D is always supported by the natural tendency towards excellence and innovation, which are inherent traits in the company's culture.
However, the real cornerstone of Videotec is the customer. All levels of the business are involved in paying particular attention to the customers' requirements and gaining a deep insight into what they need. Thanks to this the company can achieve its trademark exceptional levels of customer service.

Videotec PTZ and fixed cameras are high-performance and are made with the best quality and most robust materials. They are tested to withstand continuous use in the most extreme conditions, with no need for maintenance.

The certified quality of Videotec products meets the strictest demands when it comes to monitoring in complex environments, such as in the oil and offshore industries, maritime and port industries, the transport sector - railways and airports - and across all types of critical infrastructure and industrial processes.