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Videotec is committed to providing services in the field of video surveillance, focused on the satisfaction of its customers and all stakeholders. In order to pursue their goals, Videotec's Management follows the following general guidelines in terms of:

- ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the products offered;
- improve the economic result of the processes, resulting in an increase of the operating margin;
- ensure visibility and availability of the system integrated documents;
- promote the involvement, awareness and training of employees;
- evaluate the level of customer satisfaction, both internal and external;
- select suppliers using criteria in terms of quality, environment and safety issues, that are consistent with this Integrated Policy;

- strictly comply with the requirements contained in the Legislative Regulation applicable to its business;
- promote employee responsibility at all levels towards environmental protection by providing information and training programs;
- ensure cooperation with public authorities;
- implement an environmental monitoring plan to prevent the environmental impacts of its activities;
- evaluate in advance the environmental impacts of any new activities or changes of existing ones;
- establish operational procedures to ensure proper production waste management and improvement of separate waste collection in offices;
- promote collaboration with suppliers in order to find more environmentally compatible solutions for supply management (i.e. reusable packaging);
- maintain proper handling of hazardous substances by defining specific responsibilities for their control;
- check the quantity and type of materials and resources used for the correct definition of environmental indicators;
- make available this document to all the stakeholders mentioned in the Stakeholder contest (suppliers, customers, branch companies, employees..);

- scrupulously comply with the obligations explained in the document ”Health and Occupational Safety at Work”;
- inform and train employees (in particular the new ones) about the company's safety guidelines, the risks associated with its activities and the related prevention and protection measures to be taken in order to perform the job safely;
- empower all employees to the use of Personal protective equipment (PPE) that the company makes available to them;
- ensure workplace health and hygiene;
- evaluate in advance that equipment, systems and tools comply with the safety criteria provided by law;
- respond quickly, efficiently and diligently, in the event of emergency or accident during operations, cooperating with external organizations or the designated authority;
- ensure that any incident is followed by an internal investigation in order to identify any shortcomings of the “Integrated Management System” and other factors that could have caused or contributed to the occurrence of the accident, and identify the need for corrective actions improvement.
- carefully apply the Videotec health protocol in the event of a pandemic.

Schio, 07/05/2020

Moreno Barbieri
Managing Director