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VIDEO Analysis

The video analysis technology, integrated into VIDEOTEC cameras, offers an end-to-end solution for preventative detection of intrusions in outdoor monitoring applications of critical infrastructures, industrial sites and perimeters.

Videotec Analytics is the result of more than 10 years of research and design, carried out by a team of R&D professionals, cooperating together with prestigious international universities and research centres.


- Maximum preventative anti-intrusion efficiency: every part of the system is designed and automated to allow immediate and preventative actions against any possible threat.

- A reduction in human error and therefore costs.

- Reduced storage space needed: only necessary footage is recorded.

- Optimal external operation in the most critical and complex atmospheric conditions, thanks to the ULISSE EVO’s tested and guaranteed robustness and resistance.

- Unbeatable detection performance even at long distances, thanks to the analysis of detail-rich high-definition images.

- The GeoMove&Track function uses two connected cameras that communicate with each other through intelligent language, perform advanced actions, and start a tracking based on the geo-coordinates of the target. It offers the advantage of having a complete positioning and tracking solution – all guaranteed by Videotec.

- Reduced time and effort needed to monitor, detect and search the recordings for anomalous events. The resulting security system is highly efficient, reliable and convenient.


Every time there is an alarm, the auto-tracking automatically activates and event metadata is sent to the VMS via the ONVIF protocol.

Simultaneously, the security operators are then alerted and recording starts.

The ULISSE EVO keeps the moving target at the centre of the frame and zooms in on the target to make recognition easier.

The metadata sent to the VMS system can be used to frame the target with a bounding box for clear identification of the subject or it can be used to activate alarms or begin recording.

Bounding boxes are visible on VMS systems that have ONVIF Media 2 Profile (contact us for list of compatible VMS systems).