ULISSE COMPACT PTZ cameras for Turin stadium, Italy

Video surveillance plays a fundamental role in providing effective stadium security so that everyone is able to enjoy the pleasure of a violence-free moment of healthy entertainment. The ULISSE PTZ cameras range offers the free choice of the camera and lens combination to use: from standard ones, to biggest cameras and lenses, from Network to thermal cameras. An extensive range of versions lets you tailor the system to your specific requirements. Moreover the operators can easily remotely control all ULISSE units from the control room, via analog or IP mode, and can take advantage of their capability to integrate with other devices and VMS. Videotec is able to win the challenge for the best cctv integrated solutions.

See ULISSE COMPACT used in a stadium

The versions of the ULISSE range PTZ cameras (COMPACT, PLUS and MAXI) are installed in stadiums around the world:
ULISSE in the stadium in Udine, Italy
ULISSE in stadium in Madrid
ULISSE MAXI in an important Stadium in Paris
ULISSE and ULISSE COMPACT in the Warsaw Stadium and other stadiums in Poland (FIFA 2012)
ULISSE MAXI stadium in Gabon, Africa Cup of 2012
ULISSE in the Chicago White Socks Stadium-US, in the Arena Corinthians- Sao Paulo-Brazil and in the Santiago de Chile Stadium