ULISSE COMPACT DELUX used in Korea for wastewater treatment plants

ULISSE COMPACT DELUX PTZ camera can be a valuable tool to ensure security of water treatment plants and monitor processes in remote locations.
ULISSE COMPACT provides complete coverage of the facility's perimeter and all critical operative processes.

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Chilean mine uses NXM housings in monitoring of heavy-duty tasks

A copper mine in Chile uses Videotec's NXM stainless steel housings, equipped with a front air barrier, in monitoring the crushing of the extracted raw material.

The NXM housing was chosen not only because of the strength of its construction but also because of the number of available accessories that make it so versatile and suitable for use in harsh and corrosive environments, such as mines.

For this particular application, the housing was furnished with a special front flange that has integrated holes creating an air barrier in front of the glass. In the dusty area of the crushing machines, this solution has proved invaluable in stopping the dust collecting on the glass. This guarantees that the camera has clear, constant vision.

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Videotec's camera helps in strictly regulated cannabis industry

For one cannabis manufacturing facility in Colorado, SGPS needed to design and supply a security system that met all regulatory requirements to monitor the hazardous environment of the extraction labs

SGPS ran across VIDEOTEC's MAXIMUS MVX range of fixed cameras for hazardous environments at ISC West in 2016 when they made their debut in North America. Their form factor was compact, the hazardous protections and certified ratings met their needs, and the price point reflected their value.

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ULISSE COMPACT HD monitors the largest dairy farm in Jordan

The monitoring of the external structures of the Youm Farm, the largest dairy industry in Jordan, has been assigned to ULISSE COMPACT HD and camera housings of VERSO series with IR LED illuminators.

ULISSE COMPACT, control of nuclear power plants in Romania

For the monitoring of two cooling towers of the reactors in nuclear power plant in Romania have been used ULISSE COMPACT THERMAL, PTZ unit with integrated thermal and Day/Night cameras, and ULISSE COMPACT, PTZ camera for precise monitoring Day/Night.
The reliable and robust ULISSE COMPACT PTZ cameras allow a round-the-clock vision over large areas and are able to meet the most severe requirements, withstand extreme environments, ensuring high speed and accuracy of detection of the targets in each condition.