ULISSE COMPACT HD chosen for windfarms in South Korea

The ULISSE COMPACT HD-network PTZ cameras have been successfully installed across windfarms on the largest island in South Korea, the volcanic Jejudo.

A windfarm presents complex challenges, usually linked to the fact that it is a very large area made up of several elements that need monitoring, but an area which is without a defined perimeter and often located in remote areas.

The cameras have an awkward task because, as well as monitoring large outdoor areas and collecting sharp, detailed images, they must be able to also send back information to the operator in a constant, timely manner regarding the functioning of the plant and thus whether there are any areas in which require attention.

The Videotec PTZ camera ULISSE COMPACT HD provides high levels of protection and extremely fast reaction times, necessary elements when monitoring a critical type of environment such as energy-producing windfarms.

The ULISSE COMPACT HD is a full-HD, PTZ outdoor camera which offers excellent, high definition video quality. The IP 1080p, 60fps camera incorporates a 30x optical zoom which can accurately pick out details from a scene and provide incredibly sharp images. Due to its high sensitivity and auto-focus speed, high gain, an improved WDR and anti-fog function, this robust PTZ delivers unrivalled performance, even in extremely low-light conditions.

With help from the LED infra-red option, the ULISSE COMPACT HD provides clear images of the monitored area throughout the night and is able to detect an object around 200 metres away, in total darkness. The integrated wipers ensure always-sharp images, whatever the weather, and keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. Also, to compliment the wiper, there is a wide choice of water tanks and pumps available.

Given its proven reliability in the field, with consistently high-performing features and efficiency in sending information to its operator, the ULISSE COMPACT HD has become the most popular choice across Korean windfarms.