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MAXIMUS MVX range, Accessories

CMS - CMA   Armoured and unarmoured multi-polar cables sold by the metre

  • Prepared for Ethernet, video, I/O and telemetry connections
  • Resistant to oil, flames and ultra-violet rays
  • Available in an armoured and unarmoured version
  • Available in black or blue
  • Designed for potentially explosive zones

WASEX   -   Washer pump with ex-proof solenoid valve

  • Delivery head up to 20m
  • Water tank capacity:   10l (2.6gal)
  • Suitable for MAXIMUS series or with third-party products
  • Power supply in 24Vac/dc, 5W max

FM1010   EMC filter for Marine certification

  • Electrical data:   from   0   up to   250V DC/AC 50/60 Hz, 6A