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NVX with VIDEOTEC ANALYTICSStainless steel FULL HD camera with integrated video analysis



The NVX camera is entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel and stands out for its exceptional resistance to corrosion. NVX was designed to guarantee efficient video surveillance in offshore/onshore marine environments, but also in applications for the rail and transport sectors.

The high anti-corrosion properties of its AISI316L stainless steel structure combined with the vast temperature range and the IP66/IP67/IP68 degrees of protection guarantee complete protection against bad weather and temporary immersion in water. In addition, the IP69 certification allows camera cleaning with high pressure water jets at high temperature.

Installation of NVX even in tight spaces is facilitated by the quick connectors and the practical, modular support supplied as standard for assembly on walls, ceilings or railings. NVX versions are available with integrated wiper or with a polycarbonate window.


Exceptional corrosion resistance

Integrated video analysis VIDEOTEC ANALYTICS

Video recordings with incredibly bright day and night colours

Quick connectors and modular integrated support


  • Simple installation thanks to quick connectors
  • Quick configuration and setup
  • AISI 316L stainless steel construction
  • Slot for safety chain
  • Unit weight:
  • 4.9kg (10.8lb) (fastening support included)
  • 4kg (8.8lb) (fastening support not included)
Housing's window
  • Glass window extra clear
  • Thick: 3mm (0.1in)
  • Polycarbonate window (available only for version without wiper)
  • Thick: 3mm (0.1in)
  • Supply voltage/Current consumption:
  • 24Vac, 1.32A, 50/60Hz
  • 24Vdc, 0.9A
  • Power consumption
  • 25.2W
  • Ethernet connection: 100 Base-TX
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Digitally signed firmware
  • Password restricted access (HTTP digest)
  • Support of various user access levels
  • Control of accesses IEEE 802.1X
  • HTTPS cryptography using TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2 and TLS1.3
  • Centralised certificate management
  • Complies with ONVIF Security Service specifications
Video analytics
  • Highly robust detection algorithms, specifically for outdoor perimeter control.
  • Targets Classification: People, vehicles, generic objects
  • Programmable rules for video analysis, VIDEOTEC ANALYTICS (it is possible to rapidly configure up to ten rules for every preset using an intuitive control management interface)
  • Line crossing: the target triggers an alarm if it crosses the line in one or both directions
  • Entering/leaving area: the target triggers an alarm if it leaves or enters the configured area
  • Appearing in area: the target triggers an alarm if it appears inside the configured area
  • Loitering: the target triggers an alarm if it stays inside the configured area over the set time
  • Detection Mask: disables the detection activity in a portion of the image to prevent false alarms
  • Video Tampering Detection: a specific ONVIF alarm is triggered if the video camera view is obstructed (e.g. spray)
  • Video encoder
  • Communication protocol: ONVIF, Profile Q, Profile S and Profile T
  • Device configuration: TCP/IPv4-IPv6, UDP/IPv4-IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, NTP, DHCP, WS-DISCOVERY, DSCP, IGMP (Multicast), SOAP, DNS
  • Streaming: RTSP, RTCP, RTP/IPv4-IPv6, HTTP, Multicast
  • Video compression: H.264/AVC, MJPEG, JPEG, MPEG4
  • 3 independent video streams Full HD
  • Image resolution: from 320x180pixel up to 1920x1080pixel in 6 steps
  • Selectable frame rate from 1 to 60 images per second (fps)
  • Web Server
  • Directional OSD (maximum 4 settable areas)
  • Motion Detection
  • Video analytics: VIDEOTEC ANALYTICS (optional)
  • QoS: Differentiated DSCPs for streaming and device management
  • SNMP and NTCIP protocols
I/O interface
  • I/O alarm board (version with wiper)
  • Input for remote reset: 1
  • Relay outputs: 1+1 (1 relay reserved for washer pump and one configurable, 1A, 30Vac/60Vdc max)

    Day/Night Full HD 30x DELUX

  • Resolution: Full HD 1080p (1920x1080pixel)
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.8" Exmor™ R CMOS sensor
  • Effective Pixels: approx. 2.38 Megapixels
  • Minimum Illumination:
  • Colour: 0.006lx (F1.6, 30 IRE)
  • B/W: 0.0006lx (F1.6, 30 IRE)
  • Focal length: from 4.5mm (wide) up to 135mm (tele)
  • Zoom: 30x (480x with digital zoom)
  • Iris: from F1.6 up to F9.6 (Auto, Manual)
  • Horizontal Viewing Angle: from 61.6° (wide end) up to 2.50° (tele end)
  • Vertical Viewing Angle: from 37.07° (wide end) up to 1.44° (tele end)
  • Shutter speed: from 1/1s up to 1/10000s (Auto, Manual)
  • White balance: Auto, Manual
  • Gain: from 0dB up to 100dB (Auto, Manual)
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 120dB
  • Focus System: Auto, Manual, Trigger
  • Picture Effects: E-flip, Color enhancement
  • Noise removal: 2D (3 levels), 3D (3 levels)
  • Exposure Control: Auto, Manual, Priority (Iris Priority, Shutter Priority), Brightness, Custom
  • De-fog: On/Off
  • Privacy zones masking (maximum 8 settable masks)
  • For indoors and outdoors installation
  • Operating temperature: from -40°C (-40°F) up to +50°C (122°F)
  • Surge immunity: up to 1kV line to line, up to 2kV line to earth (Class 3)
  • Relative humidity: from 5% up to 95%
  • Electrical safety (CE): EN60950-1, IEC60950-1, EN62368-1, IEC62368-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (CE): EN61000-6-4, EN50130-4, EN55032 (Class A), FCC Part 15 (Class A), ICES003
  • Outdoor installation (CE): EN60950-22, IEC60950-22
  • IP protection degree (EN60529): IP66, IP67, IP68 (2h30min, 2m (6.56ft)), IP69
  • EAC certification
  • KC certification (certification only valid for the codes: NVX2xxxxxJ)
  • NVXTUB Dust protection frontal shield
  • NVXIRBKT Illuminator fastening support ( GEKO IRH )
  • OHEPOWINJ PoE+ Power Injector, 1 channel, for indoor installations
  • IRHXXHXA GEKO IRH illuminator , High Power
  • IRHxxLxA GEKO IRH illuminator , Low Power
  • WASPT0V5L5M00 Water tank 5l (1.3gal), pump with delivery up to 5m (16ft), IN 230Vac-24Vac-120Vac
  • WASPT0V23L5M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 5m (16ft), IN 230Vac-24Vac-120Vac
  • WASPT0V23L11M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 11m (36ft) with water floating, IN 230Vac-24Vac-120Vac
  • WASPT1V23L30M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 30m (98ft) with water floating, IN 230Vac
  • WASPT3V23L30M00 Water tank 23l (6gal), pump with delivery up to 30m (98ft) with water floating, IN 120Vac
  • WASNX1V10L20M00 Tank 10l (2.6gal) with integrated manual pump controlled by solenoid valve, delivery head up to 20m (66ft) max, IN 230Vac
  • WASNX2V10L20M00 Tank 10l (2.6gal) with integrated manual pump controlled by solenoid valve, delivery head up to 20m (66ft) max, IN 24Vac
  • WASNX3V10L20M00 Tank 10l (2.6gal) with integrated manual pump controlled by solenoid valve, delivery head up to 20m (66ft) max, IN 120Vac
Brackets and adaptors
  • UEAP Pole adaptor in stainless steel AISI 316L
  • UEAC Corner adaptor in stainless steel AISI 316L
  • UEAW Counter-plate in stainless steel AISI 316L