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HTVAluminium housing for thermal cameras



This housing has been designed to fit thermal cameras with compact lenses for vision even in total darkness.

It can be used for a wide range of day/night surveillance systems, such as monitoring and rescue in the event of a fire, public safety or airport, industrial and environmental surveillance.


Side opening, easy camera servicing

Germanium window

Pre-arranged for internal cable management bracket

IP66/IP67 (with cable glands or optional sealing rings)


  • Constructed from aluminium
  • Sunshield in ABS
  • Epoxypolyester powder painting, RAL9002 colour
  • Stainless steel external screws
  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 176x160x514mm (6.9x6.3x20.2in)
  • Cable glands: 3xM16
  • Unit weight: 4kg (8.8lb)
  • Supply voltage/Current consumption (empty version):
  • From 12Vdc up to 24Vdc, 1A max
  • From 12Vac up to 24Vac, 1A max, 50/60Hz
  • From 120Vac up to 230Vac, 400mA max, 50/60Hz
  • Supply voltage/Current consumption (version with heater, Ton 15°C±3°C (59°F ±5°F), Toff 22°C±3°C (72°F±5°F)):
  • From 12Vdc up to 24Vdc, 3A max
  • From 12Vac up to 24Vac, 3A max, 50/60Hz
  • From 120Vac up to 230Vac, 400mA max, 50/60Hz
  • Camera power supply:
  • IN from 100Vac up to 240Vac, 50/60Hz - OUT 12Vdc, 1.25A
  • IN 230Vac, 50Hz - OUT 24Vac, 50Hz, 400mA
Housing's window
  • Germanium window
  • Usable diameter: 55mm (2.1in)
  • Thick:2mm (0.08in)
  • External treatment: antiscratch (Hard Carbon Coating - DLC), antireflection
  • Internal treatment: antireflection
  • Spectral range: from 7.5μm up to 14μm
  • Medium transmittance (from 7.5μm up to 11.5μm): 90%
  • Medium transmittance (from 11.5μm up to 14μm): 77%
  • For indoors and outdoors installation
  • Operating temperature (with heater): from -20°C (-4°F) up to +60°C (140°F)
  • Relative humidity: from 5% up to 95%
  • Electrical safety (CE): EN60950-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (CE): EN50130-4, EN61000-6-3, EN55032 Class B, FCC Part. 15 Class B, ICES-003 Class B
  • IP protection degree (EN60529):
  • IP66/IP67 (with cable glands)
  • IP66/IP67 (with bracket with internal cable channel, with sealing rings)
  • IP55 (with bracket with internal cable channel)
  • IP44 (with double filter for air renewal)
  • EAC certification
  • OHEH26 Heater 120Vac/230Vac for HOV, HTV, VERSO, VERSO COMPACT housings
  • OHEH27 Heating 12Vdc/24Vac for HOV, HTV, HTC, VERSO and VERSO COMPACT housings
  • OHOVPS1B Wide range camera power supply IN 100-240Vac - OUT 12Vdc, 1.25A, for HOV and HTV housing
  • OHOVPS2B Camera power supply IN 230Vac - OUT 24Vac, 10VA, for HOV and HTV housings
  • OHOVTA1 Tamper switch on board with tamper proof screws and key for HOV housing
  • OHEGBB Weatherproof junction box
  • OWBIP2 Sealing rings kit (3xM16) IP66 for WBOVA2 and WCM4A2 brackets for PUNTO, HOV, HTV, VERSO, VERSO POLAR, VERSO COMPACT, HEB, HEK housings
Brackets and adaptors
  • WBJA Wall mount bracket
  • WBOVA2 Wall bracket with internal cable channel
  • WBOV3A2 Wall bracket with internal cable channel, counterplate and support box, not compatible with OHEBVF1, OHEBVF2 and OHEBVF3
  • WCM3A Ceiling bracket with ball joint
  • WCM5A Ceiling bracket with ball joint
  • WCM4A2 Ceiling bracket with internal cable channel
  • WFWCA Column bracket with joint
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