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VDVideo distributors


The video distributor is an important component in a video surveillance system where the same signal is to be sent to many expansion points.

The VD816PR1 is the 19” 1U rack version containing two VD48P1.


Versions with 4, 8 inputs and 8, 16 outputs

For colour or B/W video signals

The input signal is amplified and distributed to the available outputs

By means of VD816PR1 and VD48P1 versions, it is possible to select how many outputs can be associated to a video input


  • Supplied with instruction manual, 3 power cables, power supply IN from 100Vac up to 240Vac, 50/60Hz - OUT 12Vdc, 1.25A
  • VD48P1

  • 4 inputs, 8 outputs
  • Ability to obtain different configurations (1In/4Out + 1In/4Out, 1In/6Out + 1In/2Out, 1In/8Out, 4x1In/2Out)
  • VD816PR1

  • 8 inputs, 16 outputs
  • Ability to obtain different configurations (1In/4Out + 1In/4Out + 1In/4Out + 1In/4Out, 1In/6Out + 1In/2Out + 1In/6Out + 1In/2Out, 1In/8Out + 1In/8Out, 8x1In/2Out)
  • Steel enclosure
  • Epoxypolyester powder painting, grey colour
  • VD48P1

  • 9 BNC connectors (VD18T1), 12 BNC connectors (VD48P1)
  • Power supply jack connector
  • Dimensions: 230x45x170mm (9x1.8x6.7in)
  • VD816PR1

  • 24 BNC connectors
  • Power supply jack connector
  • Dimensions: Rack 19”, 1U, 432x45x158mm (17x1.8x6.2in)
  • Unit weight: 1.6kg/3.5lb (VD48P1), 2kg/4.4lb (VD816PR1)
  • Power supply:
  • IN from 100Vac up to 240Vac, 50/60Hz - OUT 12Vdc, 1.25A
  • Consumption: 15W
  • Input/output video impedance: 1Vpp, 75Ohm
  • VD48P1

  • Video signal gain: up to 2
  • Bandwidth: 10MHz (-3dB)
  • Crosstalk: >58dB (5MHz)
  • VD816PR1

  • Video signal gain up to 2
  • Bandwidth: 10MHz (-3dB)
  • Crosstalk: >58dB (5MHz)
  • For installation indoors
  • Operating temperature: from 0°C (32°F) up to +40° (104°F)
  • Electrical safety (CE): EN60950-1
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (CE): EN50130-4, EN61000-6-3
  • EAC certification